Quickie Update

But realized in your heart that you missed it? And then hated yourself just a bit for failing to keep the promise that you made to yourself about documenting the magic of your children’s’ lives and the joy and wonder that they bring you?

Yeah, me too.

I’m going to reboot this. I can’t dwell on the disappointment that I feel having missed months and years of writing here, recording the life that is mine with two little birds. But at the same time, that disappointment is not a good rationale for failing to dust off, pick up and start again. Life is always about the reboot of the best intentions, no?

Oh and yes, still dissertating. And NO, I don’t want to talk about it. I want to do the opposite of that. And I have a new job.

Penguin and Owl are fabulous. Let me introduce them to you again.


I won’t bore with the details. I am a full-time employee in the last 4 months of my PhD program. My proposal hearing is in a few weeks and my completion date is July 1. I have a 5-year-old and 2-year-old boy.

You can imagine that I pack 36 hour days into a mere 24 hours.

But I have missed having this space as a reflective place. A documenting place. I’ll kick myself for all the days that I let slip by without writing anything. So many little memories that could have been recorded. So many changes observed and commented upon. Months that flew by without a monthly letter written to honor the growth.

But, life is what happens when you make plans and I’ll have to live with that.

Penguin and Owl are beautiful boys. Let me share them with the world again.

It’s not been intentional. I was actually away from my usual routines for much of June and July. Summer around these parts is more laid back in some ways and then more busy in others. We run around quite a bit, we visit friends and family, we go to the park all the time and we just be.

It’s great.

But I am getting back into the swing of a nearing autumn. I am also working through the seven millionth draft of my dissertation proposal. Soon it will be done and my mind will be free again to write the way I want to write. I’ll have the energy to share stories about my family and my children and I’ll stop cluttering my brain with thoughts of mental health service use and APA citations.  I look forward to that.

So here I am again. It’s good to be home.

We had a lovely Easter. Penguin was so excited about Easter yesterday that he woke me up in the morning, thumping me on the back and legs to get me out of bed. Owl was not sure what all the hubbub was about, but when Penguin gets excited, Owl gets excited, too. I take it that he sees that as a sign that good things are afoot. Papa Bird and I hid the eggs and Easter baskets and toys around their Grandma’s yard. Then both of the boys searched for eggs and their goodies. Both also ingested entirely too much sugar, but I can think of no other day in which that is the goal, so we went at it with gusto.They love spending time with their uncles, too, so the day was a success on multiple fronts.

There were two separate moments yesterday that were so heartachingly adorable that I must mention them here. One: Penguin was running to play hide and seek. He told me to cover my eyes and count to ten, but I could hear him giggling the whole time he was darting off to seek cover. When I went to search for him (barely hidden behind a bush in his super stealthy spot) I could hear him talking quietly to himself. He was talking, but it was clearly in a hushed tone. Two: The was a brief period of time in which Owl was alone on the back deck by himself as I ran in to get something for him. As I turned around to go back. I stopped by the glass door and just watched him. It was like my legs were frozen in place. The sun was catching the golden strands in his hair and the wind was making him laugh. He was sitting at the little picnic table, examining a toy egg in his hands, turning it this way and that way.

My God, I love them so very, very much.


Penguin has been getting so articulate as of late. He is able to express more complex ideas and he’s also taking the initiative in starting a conversation by asking a question or engaging the other person. He also likes to tell stories now. It all feels so “kidlike,” and I daresay he reminds me more of a child now than a little boy.

Owl has been trying very hard to learn and repeat words. this morning, I was sitting on the couch when Owl got it in his head that he wanted something. He grabbed my hand and made to pull me up from the couch. I got up and followed him into the kitchen, wherein he attempted to open the refrigerator door. I opened it for him and he started tapping on the yogurt box. I said, “OH, you want some yogurt?” and he started shaking his head up and down in a “yes,” and then said “gogur.” Pretty sure that was him trying to say yogurt. I can see him thinking through the words now and trying out the sounds and inflections. I suspect, come summer, we are going to have a little language explosion and he’s really going to be using words that are important to him.


And that’s it for this quickie update. I am so close to finishing my proposal edits that I want to get back to that. I’ll start using my laptop for blog updates starting again next week.

Some suggestions for how to wash hair without having your son screaming in sheer panic and agony at the start of hair washing would be much appreciated. It’s such a spectacle that there is no way my neighbors could appropriately think anything other than I am beating him without mercy. Seriously. It’s awkward and a little embarrassing.

We need to ensure that the odious water does not near his ocular region in the slightest. We also need to figure out a way to keep ears from getting wet. Oh, and no water can get in his mouth. Just how does one wash a head when the child pitches a fit when water touches the head?

Points awarded if you can guess which son I am referencing here.

We’ve been pleasantly busy. Nana and Grandpa were in town and we completed some much needed projects at my job. Coupled with the terrifyingly nice weather we’ve been having, I have not been behind a computer screen for days.

Updates to commence this week.

This is a quick post, as I have to put the wraps on a project at work, but I measured the boys this morning and then nearly fell over because – really – WHEN did they get so big?

Penguin: 42 inches tall, 42 pounds. From birth, Penguin has been always been extraordinarily height-weight proportionate.

Owl: 30 inches tall, 23 pounds. From birth, Owl has always been taller than he is round.

For the record, I am 62 inches tall. And no, there will be NO posting my weight here for comparison. Papa Bird is about 75 inches tall. He weighs a healthy 180 pounds.


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