Penguin was complaining of ear pain today, so he stayed home from school and Papa Bird took him to the doctor. Aside from an ear infection, he was saddled with an impressive amount of earwax. I knew that he had gone in to the doctor, but he didn’t know that I knew this, so I allowed him to tell me the tale. He mentioned that he was talking to his doctor, and oh she is nice by the way (his words) and she took out something and put it in his ear and she pulled out about 20 pieces of earwax. Except that when he got home he could feel another piece of earwax coming out, so really it was 21 pieces of earwax that was in his ear after all.

Owl had  a front row seat in witnessing the carnage and told me that it was very gross. Then he told me that he liked me. Then he asked me what I was eating and I told him it was a cashew, to which he replied, “That’s lovely.”

It’s funny, because even though Papa Bird is the primary caregiver, both boys really mimic my phrases and speech patterns. It’s the salve to my reality that I can’t be here with them 24-7 and lets me know my time with them – even when lower than I’d like on weekdays – must really mean something to them. Which really means something to me.