Last night, before bed, Owl and I had ourselves a little chat about Christmas. What prompted this was my question about what Owl would be dreaming of that night as he lay in slumber. Owl said, “Snow, and playing outside with cats in the snow.” This seems ambitious, at best. But I am not here to serve as the killer of dreams.

This conversation about snow and snow-covered cats led to a discussion of Christmas. Pencils a’ready folks: Owl would like toy cars. All toy cars. Small ones. In all colors. Owl would also like a large, squishy yellow and pink ball. Just that please. Cars and a ball.

The birthday request gets a little trickier. After the Christmas discussion, I mentioned that his birthday would be just a bit before Christmas and what would he like to receive on that day? He stated, “I want to be 14. Then I can drive Penguin to school. And Daddy.” I mentioned that one needs to be 16 to drive. “I want to be 16. And drive Penguin. And drive Daddy.”  I asked him what car he would like to drive. “Mama’s car. In blue.”

So there you have it.