I commute to work on the train every morning. It’s not bad. I get a little extra time to work on personal or work projects and I can’t stand sitting in traffic.

Anyways, as I was standing in the platform this morning, a young man of about 20 years old exited his mother’s minivan and walked up the steps to the platform. He kept focused on his task, so he didn’t see that she sat there, in her car, watching him walk up the steps and take his place on the platform. I watched her, not him, and I could see her eyes following him, faint smile on her face. Instantly, I thought two things: (1) I totally understand; (2) The desire to observe your son in his daily activities never goes away.

Sitting here now on the train, I am behind three young woman of about 20 years old. I am adoring the eavesdropping in on their loud, excited conversation. I kind of love that they are sitting away under a sign that says, “SHHH! Quiet car!” and yet they are happily chirping away, oblivious to all that is around them. They are talking about the most self-concerned topics ever. Indeed, their entire worlds revolve around themselves and their place on this spinning orb. I just love it. It feels a whole world away from where I am in my life, though a mere 16 years ago, I am sure I was sitting on a similar train, saying similar things, making everything and nothing of the world around me.


The boys and I are getting prepared for our vacation. We purchased new clothes and toys. Penguin even picked out all his outfits. He ran around the store selecting the pants and shirts that he liked. I nearly fell over when I realized that some of them were short-sleeved. And there were SHORTS in the mix. He has, might I say, very good taste.

Papa Bird cut Owl’s hair yesterday in preparation for the trip. He looks like a mental patient, so we are going to have to go very short to salvage his self-respect. We saved all the little curls and put them in a the safe next to the baggie containing Penguin’s curls from his first haircut.