In the past week or so, Owl has discovered a new way of getting his parental minions to do his bidding. You can always see the mental wheels turning in that one and so you know that when there is silence, it is not a real silence, but evidence of a plotting mastermind at work. Papa Bird and I have something of an overactive mind and imagination and from the looks of it, the boys do as well.

Anyways, recently Owl has been taking someone by the hand to lead them to the thing that he wants and/or believes that he desperately needs in that very second, please and thank you. One could be sitting anywhere or  doing anything and then feel the slight tug of a little hand on your body. I have been standing at the sink, looking in a closet or grabbing something out of a bag and then suddenly  startled by some little fingers clasping on to some part of my arm or hand. Not that his methods are always undertaken in the spirit of a surprise. He has also barreled towards me full steam and shrieking and attempted to pull me off  the couch, the toilet, out of bed and off the chair while I am working on the computer. (To note: Owl has also reached the excited shrieking stage of his development. Or as Penguin might say, “He sure is eggskited!”)

The movements are always accompanied by a grunted “eh, eh, eh” which, if he were an older child, might translate to “Come on, come on, come on.” Or “Why are you so lazy?” if one was Papa Bird.  So the process goes something like this: tug, tug, tug, “eh, eh, eh,” tug.  Rinse and repeat with increasing insistence until your neglectful parent gets you to the place or the thing that you so desire.


As a  slight aside, is there something about running water that is fascinating to children? At this age, Penguin could not get enough of filling up cups and bowls with running water from the sink. Owl is the same way. It really explains the water table industry, a product I would have thought totally unnecessary until I had children of my own. I am holding out hope that this infatuation will carry into adolescence so that I may demonstrate to them the awesomeness that is doing dishes!!11!1!