I am taking a slight break from searching for just the right article on stigma and mental health service use to bring you this musical interlude.

Penguin’s favorite band is Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. He will unfailingly request that we play this CD any time we are in the car. Currently, his favorite song is “Favorite Song,” so named because I once said that it was probably my favorite song on the record. However, it has now become his favorite song. If you are looking at the liner notes (and I am totally dating myself here because in the digital age, does anyone even know what a liner note is?) then you will be shocked to find that there is no song labeled Favorite Song. However, if you were to look for, say, “Om Nashi Me,” you’d be good to go.

This is the song for those not in the know:

The story I really want to share, though, is the cuteness that ensues once this song plays in the car. For a few months now, when this song comes on, Penguin starts humming away loudly, following along with the tune. He does this every time, without fail, and he doesn’t really want you to talk to him when his song is on because he wants to hum along. It’s kinda sweet. A few days ago, as I was driving in the car, I noticed that Owl was making sounds during the song, too. I thought it was just toddler verbal ramblings at first. However, over the past few days, I’ve come to realize that these particular sounds are made only in the presence of this song playing on the radio. They stop when the song is no longer on, and actually don’t commence unless the song is playing. This leads me to deduce that Owl, too, is singing along to Favorite Song.

It’s really beyond adorable, the both of them back there singing away. I will try to record a sound file on my phone and then upload it here if I can.