Papa Bird and I are both data nerds. We love finding information, talking about information and, in the case of Papa Bird, viciously disputing the value and integrity of any data or information proposed by the other discussant. On a side note, this tendency has created an unflappability in me that is a real asset in the workplace.

Every now and then, Papa Bird and I like to think about where we might move had we the resources and the chutzpah to pull up stakes and set out for a new locale. In the average family, this might take the form of friendly conversational lobs back and forth over dinner, watching television, driving, etc. Not in the Bird household, however. We take even the hypotheticals seriously. Anyone that knows the inner workings of our dynamic well knows that we talk things to death. Then we get all Frankenstein on a topic, reviving it from the dead, only to murder it through extensive overanalysis once again.

As of late, we have been creating an elaborate database of variables that we consider important to an area that we might one day hypothetically consider moving to with the family. These variables range from schooling to culture to outdoors activities to social and political considerations. It will shock exactly no one that I am rather progressive in my leanings. Papa Bird is very socially progressive with more fiscally conservative leanings on some issues, progressive leanings on others. I suppose I might have some similar fiscal concerns as well, having seen the impacts of bad budget decisions in our state.

Papa Bird is carrying the bulk of the work on this now, though I am interested in helping out more. I am quite excellent at finding information and data analysis is my bread-n-butter, so I think I will be more helpful as Papa Bird encounters those variables that have less clear-cut sources of data.

What I think is rather funny is the amount of work that we both put into something that really actually means nothing. Completing this database and the subsequent analysis is no more of a guarantee that we will do anything than sitting on our couch, turning to another and saying, “Maybe Portland?”

If I feel like boring you all terribly, I may post the results here for all our amusement.