Owl has been increasing the number of words in his vocabulary as of late. They are pretty much only discernible to those that spend a lot of time with him and know (a) his interests and (b) my intonations. As with Penguin, Owl seems to have adopted my preferences for certain words and the singsongy way in which I say them.

Should you be in the presence of this little Owl, the following translation guide will be helpful for you.

“woooow” = Meow. This sound is made when seeing a cat, but has been known to appear when a dog is near as well.

“haaaaaa” = Hi. He says it like I say it, all drawn out and excited. We figured out it was him offering a greeting when we noticed he only said it when entering a room for the first time or seeing someone or something for the first time.

“too too” = Choo Choo. It is inevitable in this house that you will learn about trains. You have been warned. This sound is most prominent when playing with the Thomas trains (or as Penguin calls them, the “face trains”) that have been gifted to Owl by Penguin because Penguin is just too mature for that now. Owl also makes this sound when playing with trucks or cars, a fact that perplexes Penguin to no end.

“raaaa” = Roar. Owl has this dragon shaped pop-up ball toy that shoots balls about the face, the room and sometimes the near vicinity of the actual toy. It plays a little ditty as it pops the balls to and fro and at the end of one of the songs, the dragon says “Roar.” So now Owl is getting his roar on as well.

Aside from these words, he’s working on his hand gestures as well. Not that hand gesture just yet, though give it time. An outstretched arm with fingers splayed open means “want.” The onus is on you to figure out what the want actually is, so good luck with that. It’s not too terribly difficult, though. If it is not a Ritz, a graham cracker, a goldfish cracker or some other food item, it is probably a non-face train or some other toy that has been placed out of reach to prevent Penguin ire.

He is practicing his clapping as well. It’s rather cute. Right now, no sound emanates from the clapping motion, but it is impressively adorable nonetheless.