I really needed a bit of sunshine and warmer weather today. The winter doldrums were getting tedious. As a child, I loved the winters, but as I get older, I think more and more I would love to live someplace that is sunny throughout the year. I don’t think I have SAD, but I do begin to feel extraordinarily cagey and cooped up a few months into the season. The boys do too, I think. Penguin especially. He’s  much less feisty during those months in which we can get outside, go to a park, take in the fresh air.

Papa Bird and I were just talking about this last night. There is much to be appreciated about this area. Good friends. Family in very close proximity. I have a great job with great benefits. In our particular hamlet there exists a great library, great parks, great programming for children. Still, I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t sometimes dream of someplace else. I don’t know where that someplace else is, however. If any one of the major factors changed, I don’t know that I would stay here. Say if I lost my job. That would realistically be the one thing that would truly propel me to pack up my boxes and leave the region. It’s a great position for a working mother, as well as a great position for someone who likes to sit and think. My boss is supremely committed to work/life balance. She believes in vacations, mental health days and taking time for oneself. She is sympathetic to the metro area commute times and has found ways to help me make it more bearable. She is also a great friend. The job is honestly why I am not scanning the pages of apartment listings in other states. I could never willingly walk away from such a good thing.

Still – on days like this – the call of a sunny clime is hard to ignore. Perhaps a lovely vacation is in order this year?