I know we all don’t need a day to remind us to love and appreciate one another (or maybe we all do?) but I like pink and red hearts, so I’ll take it.

A little holiday story to share:

Yesterday, I bought a heart-shaped doughnut with pink glazed frosting and candy heart sprinkles for the boys to bring to their Grandma as a little token Valentine’s Day present. We had made some artwork for both sets of grandparents, but I spilled water on them (shhhhhh) and so I needed to come up with something else really quick. Before Papa Bird left with the boys yesterday, he placed the paper bag with the doughnut right by the door so that he would not forget to bring it along. He then went to get dressed and get things organized for the trip over there. About ten minutes later, he returned to the living room to find that the doughnut bag had been torn to shreds and the doughnut was missing. He started chastising our pooch LuLu for stealing the treat and then, low and behold, who should round the bend, covered in frosting and candy heart sprinkles, but a giggling little Owl. He was  covered in doughnut detritus from head to toe. A quick glace around the room showed that there was a box adjacent the discarded bag that was covered in frosting and doughnut crumbs, suggesting that this had served as a table of sorts.

And on that note, remember to love and be loved today.