Owl, I think, has been experimenting with words as of late. There was a period there, around 10 months, when he was regularly saying Mama. That fell to the wayside, to be replaced by random sounds that an adult might make during the course of a day. A cough here, a grunt of exertion there. Now, he seems to be toying with words. Interestingly, they all seem to be “B” words. His current vocabulary, if you will:

“ba” – We have taken this to mean ball, specifically since he says it when he has said toy in his hand. As and aside, Penguin showed no interest in balls at this age, but Owl rather likes a rousing game of catch. Penguin does now, too, but it took him a mere four years to recognize that you can do something other than suspiciously eyeball, then vehemently ignore, spherical objects.

“beh” – I think this is his brother’s name.

“baaaaa” – I think this is BAAAAAM, Peanut Butter and Jam, which is what Papa Bird and Penguin say to amuse themselves when they do something they are enjoying. See Trailer Park Boys for reference. No, really. It’s a funny show.

And since no child would be Papa Bird’s without a touch of the obstinate, Owl has his emphatic “no” head shake down to a science. It’s not a word, true, but the message is loud and clear.

Of course, as with Penguin, he meows prodigiously as well. Except that it comes out as “wow.” He chases the kitty around the house, remarking “wow, wow, wow” the whole time.