I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed with all of the things I have in balance now (work, dissertation proposal, watching the boys). I am stretched rather thin and, since there is not enough time in a normal day to do it all, incredibly overtired as well.

I’ve been thinking about it and I think my year will look like this:

February, March, April: Dissertation Proposal Hell

May: Stare off into space. Weep a lot less.

June: Bits and ends related to dissertation proposal. Non-hellish.

July, August, September: Statistics and Results Section Hell

October, November, December: Finish the dissertation Hell.

So, as you can see, much of this year will be spent in a hell of my making. I basically have May and June on my side.

If you see me and I am wearing a foul grimace, it’s there for a reason and it’s temporary. I’ll be back to my old self again in 2013.