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Eleven Random Things About Mama Bird
  1. I am afraid of talking on the telephone. I don’t think I will be maimed or anything like that. Rather, the thought of placing a call or the sound of the phone ringing gives me heart palpitations. If I am calling you, what if you don’t want to hear from me? If you are calling me, what if it is something bad?
  2. I have an unnatural love of wholly unnatural cheese puff snacks. The kind that turn our fingers bright neon orange. The cheaper and puffier the better.
  3. I used to terrified of the dark as a child. So much so that I found the mere prospect of bedtime as anxiety-provoking as a bag of snakes being thrown at my head. Wait, let me rephrase this. I had a lot of irrational fears as a child. I have an anxiety disorder. Some of the more stellar fears: a venomous snake was going to come up through the couch cushions and bite me; a shark was going to maul me if I set foot in Lake Michigan; a tornado was going to suck me into the sky and throw me quite a distance; someone, with ill-intent  is peering into my window (height of window, floor of building irrelevant). I could go on. Really, I was an interior bundle of nerves. I still am, though I manage it well.
  4. I have always, always, always wanted to own an old school VW Bug.
  5. There are a number of times when my inattentiveness prevents me from recognizing that you’ve been saying something to me, trying to get my attention, etc. There is a small minority of times that I use this tendency to my advantage to ignore people without engendering bad feelings.  “Oh, haha, she’s so dotty.” Yes. Yes, believe that.
  6. I like to go on vacation because it gives me an excuse to eat out AT EVERY MEAL. I cannot express how much I love to not eat in my own home.
  7. I like creative pursuits – arts, photography and writing – but not enough to do anything about it. I’ll create things as a hobby, but I’ve never been able to drum up enough enthusiasm to do more than that. Of the three, writing is probably my favorite.
  8. I’ve declared somewhere in the range of 12-15 majors during the course of my lengthy, 10-year undergraduate degree path. Off the top of my head: sociology, French, women’s studies, philosophy, creative writing, biology, history, English. There are more, but they probably didn’t make it out of a single semester.
  9. If I walk past an open office door, a window without a curtain, or some opening in which I can peer, I will do it. Can’t stop myself from doing it. All the more interesting considering my “stranger peeping” phobia as a child.
  10.  I am generally this affable. It’s not an act. If I am not affable, I am tired or sick or beyond stressed. There’s always a reason behind my smile-turned-upside-down.
  11.  If I drink more than a serving and a half of an alcoholic beverage, I am sloshed. I don’t drink much, true, but I always felt like alcohol hit me really hard.
Questions for Mama Bird
1. What is your favorite place in the world?  The sap in me says home. And really, I am comfortable there. But in terms of the places I have visited? The Highlands and islands of Scotland. Gorgeous!
2. If you had to cut corners to save money, would you go cheaper on clothes or shoes? Cheaper on shoes. I run them ragged because I have an awkward gait. Plus, I need to wear business professional clothes and those are never all that cheap.
3. Do you prefer cooking or baking more? Baking, hands down. I don’t like touching raw proteins. Also, I burn everything I cook, but the same is not said for the things I bake.
4. Pretend money is no object. How would you decorate your living room? I don’t like things to be modern. I don’t like hard lines. I like things to be soft, plush and almost ridiculously comfortable. I suppose some version of shabby chic with some very colorful, folksy, eclectic pieces. And original art work. I love paintings and I would buy those to my heart’s content.
5. How did you spend Christmas/Chanukah as a child? It was a pretty traditional and rather enjoyable affair. Christmas Eve dinner and mass. Presents on Christmas morning. Visiting family. I am not a stickler for tradition, but some things I enjoy to be so.
6. What name would you have loved to give your child, but your SO just wouldn’t agree? Alice. I love that name. We had boys anyways, but I could not get him on board with that name had it been a girl.
7. The Beatles or the Stones? The Beatles, hands down.
8. If you had a day to yourself without kids and SO, how would you ideally spend it? I would take myself out to lunch and a movie. I would grab some coffee afterwards and catch up on some reading in the cafe. Then I would go home and just lay down on the couch and stare off. It would be heavenly.
9. Favorite book to read over and over again? Anything by Bill Bryson.
10. What has been the hardest skill for you to learn as an adult? Oh, organization. I am still working on this. It’s a real struggle for me.
11. Handmade mittens or store bought gloves? Whichever is the least itchy. Itchy would make me want to tear my hands off.
OK, this is the point at which I make up my own questions and tag some bloggers, but I have to get off the train now. So I’ll update this later with that part.