For those that know me well, this will come as no surprise when I say that I like silliness. I like goodhearted buffoonery, slapstickery and all manner of goof. I like to laugh, be it a delicate chuckle or a tears-down-the-cheek, breathless guffaw.

I always had what I thought were reasonable hopes for the boys. Please be healthy. Happy. Listen to me, for fecks sake. And love to laugh. So I consider myself profoundly lucky to say that these things seem to be the case. I can remember when I noticed the first inklings of Penguin’s silliness. Owl’s silliness is emerging in a similar way. I can tell when he is doing things for a laugh because he – like Penguin – gets a very smirky look about his face and stares right at me, holding back with all his might a tremendous giggle.

As of late, there are a number of things that have comprised Owl’s comedic repertoire. I don’t know that he has a favorite, but rather a collection of tried and true classics that are sure to get a reaction.

“Sock Storm” – As we are all settling in to read of books before bed, Owl scuttles over to the chest of drawers he shares with Penguin and stands with his hands on the drawer containing Penguin’s socks. When he’s sure you are looking at him, he opens the drawer and stands there smiling. You feign a “no, no, no!” and then he giggles maniacally and begins taking the socks out of the drawer and throwing them around the room. If he runs out of socks, the game quickly becomes “shirt storm.” (<— look how close that is to shit storm, which is exactly what one might think happened to the room in the aftermath of this game)

“Pervy Phone Call” – No, Owl does not make inappropriate phone calls to unsuspecting females unpacking their boxes as they are settling into their first, brand new apartment in the big city. But he does make a breathing sound that is exactly like what one would expect to hear if someone was engaged in this activity. He does this when he is really excited about a toy and wants you to be really excited about it, too. See how the descriptor fits in so many, many ways?

“Tommy Tooting” – I bought Owl this cute toy called Tommy Toot. It’s a whistle of sorts and he’ll pop it in his mouth, breathing in and out as he walks around the apartment. He’s his own one-man band, tooty tooting all over the place. If he comes across any tube-like item, he’ll also pop that in his mouth and replicate the tooting through vocalizations such as “oh-oh-oh-ooh-ooh-ooh.”

“Gotta Dance” – The boy busts out some sweet moves any time anything resembling music comes across his ears. He has some favorites, as any discerning dancer would, such as  “Pirate Song from the Pirate Ship Toy That Plays When You Press the Monkey,” “London Calling” by the Clash, “Here We Go Looby Loo” by some demented clown woman on YouTube, “It’s the End of the World (And I Feel Fine)” by R.E.M. and “Rag and Bones” by the White Stripes.

There are moments in my home when I feel like a stressed, chaotic and crazed woman that just wants some order around here FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. But really, I don’t know if you can imagine how much of my day I spend laughing in their company. Life with children – it’s not perfect. It’s messy and challenging. But there are moments that are just so perfect – so like what I expected it would be to share a home with two boys – that I can’t imagine it being any other way.