So, Papa Bird starts the first night of his classes for his second degree this evening. Normally, he will be attending classes Monday through Wednesday, but because of the MLK holiday, his first class meets tonight.

This changes ushers in an eventuality that is slowly creeping upon us. Papa Bird’s days as a full-time stay at home fowl are coming to a close. He has mentioned feelings of sadness and I can relate. You really do get used to being around Penguin and Owl a lot if that is your daily groove. When I have more than a few days off in a row, it’s difficult to return to the world when you know what you are leaving behind.

So, best of luck Papa Bird. You’ll miss them. You’ll think about them. You’ll smile out of nowhere at a weirdly inopportune time because a funny thing that they did will suddenly pop into your head. It gets easier, though it is never entirely easy. Though I daresay you’ll start to see my point now when I come home and complain about the TV being on when all you want to do is grab your boys, roll around with them and make them pay attention to you.