I am always tweaking the boys’ schedules, trying to find just the right fit between their needs and mine. Because they have an amazing capacity for implementing morning interruptions, I need about an hour and a half before I walk out the door in the morning. That would have them up at 7:30am and then I leave at roughly 9am. However, that would also require that they are in bed and asleep around 9pm to get their requisite hours of nightly snooze. This has never really happened. I am like a broken record from 8pm-9pm. “Time for bed. Time for bed. Time for bed.” It’s not the children, mind you. It’s Papa Bird. I have been incredibly unsuccessful in getting him to move things along in the evening so that I can get them in the room, in their jammies and reading books, on time.

About the only thing that motivates Papa Bird is money. I have to think of a way that this will cost us money. Well, actually, it does. I missed the train today, so I had to park and then take public transportation, costing us $10 extra today. Maybe that will help him see the light?