Eminem fans should hear that tune marching through their head right now. I’m not a fan, per se, but when you’ve lived near Detroit for a little bit, ya just know the guy.

I am back at work now after a whirlwind of a holiday season. Penguin had strep throat and just finished up his antibiotics yesterday, hence the major pre-Christmas sickness. We spent much of the time visiting with Nana and Grandpa – from a few days before Christmas to the 30th.

Penguin’s birthday was on the 31st and he is now a 4 year old gentleman!

Lots to catch up on, but first I have to catch up on all the work that has been waiting for me for about 2 weeks now. More, if you consider the fact that I mentally checked out of the office an additional 2 weeks before that. So I have a month of work to catch up on.

2012 will be an incredibly busy and very different year. The following things should be happening, if all goes according to plan:

  • I finish my dissertation and graduate with my PhD. (Finally!)
  • Papa Bird begins classes to complete his 2nd bachelors degree in accounting. (Snoooze.)
  • Penguin will start preschool. (My baby! Except now he is a big boy.)
  • Owl will begin talking (He knows Mamamamama, WoooWooo, WoooDee and UhOh! right now)
  • We’ll take a family vacation this summer. Destination unknown, but Papa Bird is pushing for the west coast.