Right. So, Penguin is sick now with a pretty high fever. He’s complaining of aches and pains and general misery, so I suspect the flu. He’s not been sleeping well and has been waking a lot the past few days. These wakings then rouse Owl, who believes the waking is evidence of party time commencing. So then I have to get both of them back to sleep, though neither is particularly interested in doing so.  I have not really slept in two days. I am so tired that I am sure I am not sitting very ladylike in my dress on this train. I can’t muster the energy to care. If someone gets an inadvertent peek of anything, my sympathies.

I feel like someone has been some degree of unwell for about a month now. For Christmas, I would like for Owl t0 not catch whatever this is. Do you think Santa can make that happen?