Despite my lingering cough and Owl’s improving, yet lingering bowel issue, we’ll be heading to the Christmas train event tomorrow.

At the end of the ride, we arrive at Santa’s train depot for cookies and pictures with the big guy. In theory, Penguin thinks Santa is the bestest because he brings presents. In practice, I have little confidence that Penguin will want to sit on the lap of a large man in a big red suit wearing a faux, white beard. I expect that I will see some version of the hairy eyeball and then an insistence that we just get the cookies and move along. I predict that Owl will be frightened of Santa this year since he is going through a stranger danger phase.

You never know. They could both surprise me and hop all over the jolly old elf. Papa Bird bought the family a new little camera for Christmas, so we’ll have photographic evidence regardless of the outcome.

For memory’s sake, this is what happened the last time we encountered a friendly holiday icon: