I have 6 weeks before I have to turn in my dissertation proposal. Well, 6 weeks and 3 days to be exact. If I was pregnant right now, I’d be heading in to the home stretch.

Aside from this, we have a huge work project that has come due and we are wrapping that up.

I never sleep. I see Penguin and Owl and Papa Bird considerably less than I would like. I’m a little depressed about this. It’s temporary, but it still sucks.

I don’t know what it means any more to have free time. I am aching for a period when all I have to do in a day and is work and come home. When I have my weekends all to myself. When I can watch a little TV with Papa Bird at 10pm instead of setting myself up for another 3-4 hours of work.

Monthly letter? It will come some day. Updates? Some day.

The boys are cute and wonderful. You’ll have to take my word for it.