Owl has begun to show his displeasure. I think it’s kind of cute, but I hate to be so dismissive because who among us likes their anger to be discounted and paraded around as cute?

But it really is adorable. He makes a shouty-like sound. An angry “uuh-engghhh” if you will. And he rapidly shoves his hands in his mouth and then rips them out again while making that sound.

At first I thought it was just silliness. Then I realized he was doing it only when something one might dislike was being done to him. Like Penguin taking away his toy. Or Mama not feeding him fast enough. Or someone not paying attention to him. Or when he drops something and can’t reach it. Or when he runs out of Baby Crack Puffies.

Penguin’s displeasure was – and is to this day – more vocal. A shrilly, rather loud shriek that shatters the eardrums and leaves you desperate to solve the problem for fear of hearing that sound again.

Yesterday, Penguin and I had an interesting conversation about being mad. Owl did his mad sound and I said, “Hey! That’s an angry Owl.” Then I asked Penguin what he did when he was angry and he said “Nothing!” I laughed and laughed and laughed and then corrected him, saying that actually he shouted and cried and sometimes hit things. He said “Oh yeah, I do do those things.” Then I asked what Papa Bird does when he is mad and he said “Break things.” Which is kinda true, but not really. Papa Bird is an angry pounder. Have you met the type? They like to pound their palm down on a surface (like the counter) when they are mad. Then I asked Penguin what Mama does when she is mad. He thought for a second and then said, “Put me in a time out.” I asked him what I did when I was mad with Papa Bird and he said, “Well, put him in a time out, too.”I don’t, but man alive, there are times when I would love to do just that. I mostly just deal, unless I am so exhausted that I can’t see straight. Then I tend to get, shall we say, yelly. Thankfully those occasions are pretty few and far between.

One time, I took a time out. I was watching Penguin and Owl by myself and they were both screaming and I was moments from losing it. I popped Owl into his portacrib, turned to Penguin and told him I was taking a time out and then locked myself into my bedroom. I was only there for a minute or two, but it felt kind of nice. I’m not sure why children doth protest so much about them. It’s nice to have 123 seconds to yourself sometimes.