For those not in the know, I am attempting to finish my dissertation proposal by October 1. It has been hanging over my head for two years now and I just need to be done with it already.

So I don’t have the time or the energy to be eloquent. And posting here will be in the form of bullet points for the next several weeks just so that I can remember this time. It won’t be a poetic description of our lives, but it will have to suffice in the interim. I am engaging in “not fun” writing at the moment. It will be nice to get back to fun writing when the $#@*(&^ proposal is all done.

Penguin News

  • Says please and thank you with regularity. “Sorry” is a work in progress. Says sorry when he doesn’t want to do something, aka “Sorry, but I can’t get that for you,” when asked to hand the TV remote to a lazy mother. Does not always say sorry when conking his brother in the head.
  • Makes up sentences that are magically nonsensical or seem to come from nowhere or otherwise ridiculously cute. The other day he told me he saw a cute badger climbing up a tree. And a “daddy long-legs deer” out back. Also, if you get Germans on your hands, best to wash them off.  Because Germans can make you sick. And Owl is “a sweet piece of candy.”
  • We do time-outs around these parts. The process looks like this: (1) Something naughty ensues. (2) Mama gives warning that if xyz behavior happens again, a time-out will follow. (3) xyz happens. (4) Mama carried Penguin into his room and closes the door for a time-out. (5) Wailing, gnashing of teeth, threats and the occasional f-bomb emerge from behind the closed door. (6) Mama enters room and asks Penguin why he was in the room. Penguin ignores Mama and so Mama tells him what happened and why he was in trouble. (7) Kiss and a hug and away we go.  But the interesting thing now is not that we do them, but that he attempts to put Papa Bird in a time-out if Papa has his own temper tantrum or breaks a rule or swears. And he follows my process to a T.
  • Penguin is a talker. Really. It’s awesome. I am amazed at the amount of verbal chitter chatter that comes from the boy nonstop. I am never left wondering what he is thinking because I am sure to find out about it within seconds of a thought popping into his head.
  • Penguin and I are practicing gentle sleep training techniques. I’m trying to let him know – gently – that his bedtime is not Mama’s bedtime and that Mama will come to bed when she is ready so please don’t keep stirring from bed to come and get me and chastise me for sneaking out of the bed and not sleeping. This, too, is a work in progress.

Owl News

  • Owl loves food. And eating. Eating food. It’s all the bestest thing ever to him. We’ve graduated to the baby puffs and as with Penguin, they are like crack. One has to be incredibly careful when food is in the vicinity of Owl because he will propel himself forward with tremendous force just to reach it. In his excitement, he upended a bowl of beans and rice just the other day.
  • Owl kinda, sorta sits up. If he is leaning against me, he can sit up quite well. But if I move my leg or body, he topples over quite quickly. He sits in his little Bumbo chair nicely, as well as his high chair. It seems like that change happened overnight. One day he was slouching and the next day he was all like, “What? I got this.”
  • Owl rolls, rolls, rolls like there is no tomorrow. He’s rather mobile. Unlike Penguin, who would stay in the same spot until you physically moved him (little has changed), Owl darts around the apartment with reckless abandon.
  • Last night, when I was getting him ready for sleep, Owl was getting up onto his hands and knees. He found it hysterical and was rofling all over the bed. Hearty, tummy-busting laughs. Also? I’m not ready for a crawling baby. Did you hear that, Owl?
  • Owl thinks it is funny to rip my glasses off my face. I know that he thinks this is funny because he also rofls when he does this. No, it’s more like a LMAO.

In general nest news, we are trying to figure out the best configuration for our space. We live in a smallish two-bedroom apartment and we plan to be here for a little while yet. Like at least two more years? It’s a cramped hovel now. How do we make 900 square feet work for us? We’re debating turning the master bedroom into the family bedroom (with a bed for Penguin, a crib for Owl and then Mama and Papa’s bed) and the other bedroom as a playroom. I don’t know. That might work. We have to do something because that place is as tight as my prepregnancy pants.

I have monthly letters to write soon, but I’ve been so pressed for time. I’m hoping to get to them in the upcoming weeks.