to which I can only reply – NOT POSSIBLE!

I am going to buy him a little mini cake to mark the occasion.  The sentiment will be lost on him completely because he does not yet understand birthdays – let alone half-year birthdays – and cannot eat cake. But if he is a good little baby, and no doubt he will be, he can lick the frosting off of my pinky finger.

In other news, Owl is outgrowing the swaddle blanket. Nooooooooooo! (Read that “no” while imagining a sound of fear not unlike the sound one would make when discovering there is a family of testy cobras in your bed. ) He is a kicky little guy, and I am not just talking about his adorable outfits. He kicks, punches, rolls about and dances when not contained by the straightjacket swaddle. What do I do now?